sad little blog

Death, taxes and change. I am adjusting to the restructure. The workplace has been fragmented.

I don’t need extrinsic motivators, but in this new position (that I’ve been going on about all through the life of this blog), which takes me way out of my depth, it was nice to be able to reach out and touch the lifebuoys. But I can wade through the shallow technical stuff and float through the creative connections. It’s just that there was something nice about synchronised swimming – even if it was just the sense of belonging.

I don’t think I have ever written anything so appalling. You can only extend a metaphor so far, Jocene, before you really sound like a try hard!

I don’t care. I’m wallowing.

2 thoughts on “sad little blog

  1. Jocene, I just love the way you write. It makes me laugh and yet the message comes through so loud and clear. Don’t make apologies. 🙂

    Although be careful wading through technical stuff, not everything that floats is a buoy. 😉


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